“I’ll never let you go,
I’ll never let you go”

Anjelica’s esoteric voice rises over and around you, surrounding you like a misty veil of regret and shadows. The above lyrics manage to come across both like a promise and as a prayer. An affirmation, as well as a call for help, that seems to say come back to me.

As someone who has made of habit of finding good dark songs, I was very happy when I discovered Anjelica’s “Good Ones”. Ironic, I know.

At first glance, this brand new track comes across as deceptively simple. It’s a song about losing someone you love too early. And let’s face it, in cases such as this, isn’t it always too early, regardless of the years you got to spend together?

This is pretty much the picture “Good Ones” paints for you the first time you listen to it, and it’s a harrowing, yet beautiful piece that stays with you long after you’ve put your headphones down.

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Only, I’ve listened to the track a couple more times since then, and discovered a second, well-hidden layer to the song. It’s the layer that goes past the mourning, and sees through it. It’s that little voice inside your head that even through tragedy tells you that somehow, you have to find a way to move on. To make it.

Anjelica makes it. I would say made it, only as anyone who’s ever loved and lost knows, it’s not a one-time battle, but rather a continuous effort. An everyday struggle that this remarkable artist attains time and again.

She does touch upon it, through some of the lyrics, except she sings them so quietly it can be hard to hear, so you tend to focus on the chorus. And that’s good, that it’s quiet. It’s as it’s supposed to be, because the voice in your head is quiet, too.


Anjelica manages to capture that voice through her undeniable skill both with songwriting, as well as modeling her voice.

I know this is more of a freewrite and less of a review, but it’s what the song inspired in me, and I feel that pays an even better tribute to just how good the song is. It inspires you.



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